Here's our take on the most inspired beer events taking place in our fair city this weekend:

1. HARGREAVES HILL BREWERY SHOWCASE - BLOODHOUND - TONIGHT. Hargreaves Hill has a simple philosophy "choose good quality ingredients and create great flavour and balance". The brewery was founded by Simon Walkenhorst and Beth Williams in 2004 in a little green shed in the Yarra Valley. Decimated by the fires of Black Saturday, the brewery was rebuilt with the support of Victoria's brewing community in Lilydale. Simon will be on-hand tonight to showcase a range of seven kegs including a chardonnay barrel aged lambic fermented with brettanomyces and an imperial red ale that is brewed annually in extremely small batches to celebrate the brewery's re-emergence after the fires of 2009. It's the only keg of its kind that's headed to QLD. The entire tap list looks first class.

2. OZMOKE LOW N SLOW BBQ - BACCHUS - 10 DEC. Fancy an 8 hour hickory smoked Cape Byron Angus brisket matched with one of eight newly released Bacchus smoked and coffee beers? Thought so! There will be vegetarian pizza options on the menu for non meat eaters. If you make it there before 1pm, check out Craft Brewer & PubShop next door. Ross will take care of you. 

2. NEWSTEAD TURNS 3 - NEWSTEAD - 11 DEC. The extremely fine folk at Newstead Brewing Co are celebrating the brewery's third birthday on Sunday. In true Newstead style, it is celebrating by hosting a Queensland beer showcase. Featuring excellent beers by White Lies, Brouhaha and Your Mates Brewing Co and we hope a few of Newstead's own creations, the party kicks off around lunch time. Oh and we're reliably informed there will be cake. What's a third birthday without cake? Congratulations to all involved in Newstead on an amazing three years. We'll be there to raise a glass to a brewery that's a great contributor to our city's beery heart!

Cheers to that...