SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: For the first time ever a Brissie based bar is joining Beer InCider! Better yet, that bar will only stock NZ Indian Pale Ales! The much loved Brewski is officially jumping on the good ship Beer InCider and owners Matt Emerson, Antoinette Pollock and the whole Brewski team are bringing their passion for IPAs with them. Bolstering the festival's range of brews is an awesome list that Brewski has curated especially for us: 

  1. 8 Wired Tall Poppy
  2. 8 Wired Hopwired
  3. 8 Wired Semiconductor
  4. 8 Wired Super Dank
  5. 8 Wired Str8up
  6. Epic Hop Zombie
  7. Epic Hopdozer
  8. Liberty Yakima Monster
  9. Liberty Knife Party 
  10. Hop Federation Black IPA
  11. Hop Federation NZ IPA
  12. Hop Federation RED IPA
  13. Hop Federation Double IPA
  14. 8 Wired Palate Trip

Less than a week to go - grab your tickets now and start an intensive training program immediately!