Fact: Festivals are more fun when experienced in groups of four or more. Whether it’s someone to save your seat while you pop to the bathroom, an extra hand to carry a beer or simply someone to singalong with your favourite band, there are many benefits to taking a group to a festival, including to the Beer InCider Experience on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September 2016.

We’ve played host to our fair share of bucks’ groups, hens’ parties and birthday possies. If you want to wear Hawaiian shirts, matching tees or superhero outfits, we welcome you to Beer InCider to enjoy a craft brew, a bite to eat and some great music from Josh Pyke and Holy Holy to celebrate your special day.

You can even celebrate over two days ‘cos one ticket now gives you entry to both days of the festival. Sweet.

Best of all, discounts apply for groups of four or more with tickets just $25 each plus booking fee pre-purchased online.

We say, the more the merrier.
We love real beer.

Pre-purchase your group tickets today at www.beerincider.com/tickets and SAVE!