Beer InCider goes even greener

We love our planet. It's the only one with beer. That's why we're making significant investments in our green credentials to make our festival in September our most environmentally friendly yet. Here are 11 ways we're going greener:

1. Every ticket includes a reusable 325ml plastic pot glass which has been sourced from Globelet. Simply rinse and reuse your cup throughout the day at our free water stations (may as well hydrate with some H2O while you're there).

2. No plastic straws - sip, don't suck! You don't need a straw to enjoy a water, soft drink or cocktail, and you certainly don't need one for a beer, cider or wine so we've banned them altogether. Hurrah!

3. No plastic knives, forks, spoons or plates. We've asked all our foodies to offer recyclable cutlery and packaging when serving up your nosh.

4. BYO reusable water bottle and top up at our free water stations located throughout the festival. Just be mindful to leave your glass bottles at home.

5. If there's one thing that Costa and Dirtgirl have taught us, it's to compost! We introduced composting bins in March and they'll be back again in September positioned around the site to capture food waste. It takes just a few seconds to scrape the scraps of your gnocchi, burger or that last sad chip into the compost before dumping your plate into the recycling bin.

6. We'll also have dedicated recycling bins for aluminium cans used at the festival. For a bit of fun, when you've sipped the last drop from your tinnie, toss it through the basketball hoop into our recycling bin to score 3 points and a pat on the back.

7. We know you love to know what's going on at the festival and most importantly, what's on the Beer List. While we will have a limited number of printed programs available at the festival (printed on FSC certified paper with natural vegetable based inks), consider skipping the hard copy and simply check it out online. Save a tree and all that jazz.

8. Swapsies. We've switched out our traditional corflute signage with environmentally-friendly corflute signage.

9. This year we're sprinkling all of our festival-goers, but not the environment, with glitter at our glitter station. Was it actually a festival if there was no glitter? BUT, fear not eco-warriors, our glitter is all biodegradable so you can shine like a diamond without the guilt. Better yet, it's a $2 donation to get glittered with all funds raised going to Red Rose Foundation. Find out more here.

10. We're not whining...all of our wines are certified organic and sustainable. Organic wine is wine made from grapes grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming, which typically excludes the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

11. Beer InCider continues to partner with Translink to provide free public transport to and from the festival, included in your ticket price. Simply show your pre-purchased ticket or festival wristband when boarding any Translink bus or Queensland Rail City Network train service (not available on Airtrain, CityCat, ferry or tram services). How does that help the environment? Less cars on the road. Bingo!

Sound like your kind of festival? Purchase your tickets now.


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