Cocktail hour at Beer InCider

Okay, okay. Yeah we're a BEER and CIDER festival. It's in our name for goodness sake. But when you knock off work on a Friday afternoon, sometimes a cocktail is what you feel like so a cocktail is what you'll have. It's also the perfect way to start your Friday evening at Beer InCider. We can picture it espresso martini in hand as the sun sets on a beautiful spring day at Brisbane Showgrounds.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce three delicious cocktails served chilled at this year's Beer InCider Experience. Ooh la la.

- Gin & Tonic
A super refreshing traditional cocktail of gin and tonic water poured over ice.
- Gin Mule
A modern classic cocktail of gin and fiery ginger beer served over ice.
- Espresso Martini
An addictive combination of vodka and coffee with the crunch of a coffee bean garnish.

Enjoy your cocktail of choice at the Wine & Cocktail Bar at Beer InCider - snap up your tickets now.


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