There’s a barrel of fun to be had at Beer InCider. Explore the marquee and The Mash Tun, inside and out, for games, sports and more.

1. Perfect your backhand and challenge your mates to a round of ping pong at the Ping Pong Arena. Multiple players, multiple tables, multiple good times.

2. Channel those childhood memories and get set for a hardcore handball match hosted by Netherworld in front of a cheering crowd. Head to The Mash Tun and look for the cool kids hanging by the bleachers. Sweat bands essential.

3. Shuffleboard just got injected with steroids, beer and a little aluminium. Welcome to TINS OF GLORY – a sport invented by the Balter crew, where the humble tinnie hits centre stage as an implement of mass game action. Give it a crack and be showered with prizes and glory!

4. Can slam! Score three points for the environment by shooting your empty beer can through the basketball hoop and into the recycling receptacle. Watch the ‘courtside action’ and support your fellow recyclers with an ample and ongoing round of applause.

5. Get glit for a cause. Shimmy over to our Get Glit glitter station and for a $2 donation to Red Rose Foundation, bedazzle yourself with sparkly biodegradable glitter.

6. Head to Gage Roads Brewing and toss your hoop to glory! Ring-a-ding, ding!

Third release tix selling fast, grab yours now.


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