International IPA Day!

It's not something we shy away from, we love beer. Great independent beer! Every 1st of August marks International IPA Day, the day where beer lovers around the world lift a glass of the good stuff in honour of this popular style! In the spirit of this day, we've compiled a list of top IPAs that you know and love. Get your tasting paddles ready to try these amazing brews this September at Beer InCider:

  • Fixation Brewing: Now this crew do one thing, and one thing incredibly well - a brewery dedicated to IPAs. Swing by the Fixation stall at the festival and grab a brew or two of hoppy-delight.
  • Green Beacon Brewing: Grab a can of local fave Windjammer IPA from the Tinnie full of Tinnies - refreshingly ice cold!
  • Balter Brewing: Slinging cult-following IIPAs and IPAs, take your tasting paddle over and chat with this award winning brewery.
  • Newstead Brewing: Two to the Valley IPA is one of Brissie's finest, drop by and see the Newstead Brewing Crew this September to try it for yourself.
  • Range Brewing: Tried a Range IPA already? Not shy of trying new hop additions, methods and recipes, Range Brewing IPAs change up regularly. Grab your tasting paddle and try some fresh AF brews at the festival.
  • Hop Nation: 'In Hops We Trust' - Hop Nation serve up hop-driven beers on the regular showcasing high quality ingredients with distinct origins. Hop heads, head to Hop Nation this September.
  • Akasha Brewing Company: Dave and the Akasha team have brewed some truly remarkable IPAs such as the Hopsmith IPA, featuring Simcoe and Amarillo hops.
  • Black Hops Brewing: Big, bold and full of flavour Black Hops' Hornet IPA is a must try. Take your tasting paddle to the crew and chat with the team about this hop-forward brew.

    We could talk about IPAs all day, but the best thing is to check out our full list of independent breweries now and start planning your day at Beer InCider.

P.S If you can't wait 'til the festival this September - head to Brewski today, proud sponsor of our Brewer's Stage.


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