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Aether Brewing

Flashback to 2010 when a couple of work mates were knocking back beers at Jimmy’s place on the Gold Coast. Deep into the evening, Jimmy said those seven words that so many have said before him: “I’ve always wanted to own a bar!” To which Dave replied, “I’ve always wanted to own a brewery!” Eyes lit up. Excitement grew. They started scribbling down their ideas to open a craft brewpub in Brisbane. Whenever they hit a dead end, they said, “Chuck that out in the aether for now, and we’ll deal with it later.” Any other guys would’ve woken up the next morning, perhaps a little worse for wear, and shrugged it off as a pipe dream. But not these guys.

2016 saw the team launch at Beer InCider 2016 and sign a lease for a venue in Milton, Brisbane. A few months later, their custom designed brewing system arrived on the doorstep. The rest is, how they say, history - we can't wait to have the legends back at the Showgrounds this March.



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