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Croft Brewing

When Croft Brewing was first launched in 2014, the main objective was to make good beer consistently. There were no specific parameters apart from the fact that the beers would be delicious, stimulating, and something a bit different to what was already on offer in the market. Given that a Croft is a farm, a paddock, a green space, grass became their symbol, forming a large part of their logo.

Since that time, Croft Brewing has had the opportunity to focus on the styles of beer that are important to them.

Head brewer Gavin Croft says, "To be honest we never wanted to be one of the bigger players, rather preferring to stay as a family owned and community focused operation, so we haven't pushed very hard in terms of volume or price...The point is we love rustic, old world, (often) farmhouse beers, and the modern interpretations they inspire. Saison, Lambic, Flanders Red/Brown, Wild Ale (mixed culture fermentations), Berliner Weisse (and now kettle soured beer), Rauchbier, and Real Ale made up our formative 'beer is more than industrial lager' palate. Don't misunderstand, we love hops too, and we will continue to make hoppy beers, but that will not be our focal point (and it surely doesn't need to be, with so many awesome breweries putting out fresh, hop driven beers these days). Rather we intend to concentrate on brewing modern versions of tasty old world styles. And with this change in emphasis, we needed a character who could personify this ethos and bring further life to what Croft Beer is about."

We just love Croft's unique creations and can't wait to see what's on tap at Beer InCider in March.



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