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Felons Brewing Co

There's no doubt this brewery has been the talk of the town! Opening just weeks ago on the banks of the Brisbane River in the spankin' new Howard Smith Wharves development, Felons Brewing Company are certainly making a name for themselves.

The brewery found its name from the true tale of four felons, who in 1823, on their way to Illawarra from Sydney, were blown off course and found themselves shipwrecked on Moreton Island. From there, they went on to be the first settlers to discover the Brisbane River as we know it. Felons Brewing Co is inspired by their spirit of freedom and discovery, to make great beer for the people of Brisbane, Queensland and Australia.

So wherever you are, Felons invite you to visit them at Beer InCider in March, take a long cool sip, and be reminded that life doesn’t get much better than this.



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