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Artists in Residence 2018

Sep 04 2018

We're excited to have two amazing artists in residence at this year's Beer InCider Experience; please extend a warm welcome to Shani Finch and Sky Parra.

Shani Finch

Shani Finch is a young emerging artist who is a passionate feminist and believer in self love. Shani uses an array of techniques and materials to create images of the female form which are designed to stimulate an open dialogue about the overall negative perception of female sexuality in society. Her work is positioned to encourage female empowerment and to help break away from the societal norms of body shaming, by presenting all human forms as beautiful and positively re-enforcing love.

Artwork below right.

Sky Parra

Sky is a contemporary Brisbane artist, who explores figuration and the human condition, through the many qualities of paint. Expressive and naturalistic, her decisive, gestural application aims to delve into the emotional state of her subject. Tactile canvas scapes and expansive murals reflect a psychological state present in the physical form.

Artwork below left.

Pop by, say g'day to Shani and Sky, and see amazing creations come to life!
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