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Brews 2 Beer InCider

Aug 30 2017

It's a little over 3 weeks to go to Beer InCider and we're excited to introduce you to the Brews 2 Beer InCider. They're the beers you can't get anywhere else - they're being brewed just for Beer InCider which means you've got to be there or you miss out! A couple more are still 'on the hop' as we like to say, but here are four you'll want balancing on your paddle once you're through the pearly gates of the Brisbane Showgrounds this 22 & 23 September.

1. Sad Rude Future Brew - A band walks into a brewery... We put our headliners Ball Park Music in touch with the legends at Green Beacon (QLD) and the pale ale Sad Rude Future Brew was born. Heading to the canning line in a couple of weeks, this one will be in extremely limited supply. And what's better than drinking a Sad Rude Future Brew while listening to Sad Rude Future Dude live? (Nothing, that's what). You can read more about the brew day here.

2. Thrice Cursed Bastards - Wrong Side Brewing (VIC) has brewed a black imperial double hopped smoked rye IPA. Described as "three crazy bastards making beer... thrice cursed. It was a real f*cker to make". Seems only fair we should enjoy their suffering!

3. Skrush - We knew an exclusive brew from the team at KAIJU! Beer (VIC) would be awesome. The increasingly balmy weather caused by global warming has created the ideal climate for the first Category II FRUJU to emerge. SKRUSH is a double KRUSH, big and tropical, but still very skrushable. So, if it's a Tropical India Pale Ale, could it be a Goa Pale Ale? If it's anything like the original we're in for a real treat.

4. Fingerlime NE IPA - Off the back of their super successful Fingerlime IPA, head brewer Matt and the team at Brouhaha Brewery (QLD) have started their finger exercises ready for some more squeezing...(watch the video here). But this time it's a New England Fingerlime IPA - either way we're salivating.

But make sure you save a spot on your paddle for two more Brews 2 Beer InCider thanks to Aether Brewing and Ballistic Beer Co. The details are brewing...