Brisbane Melbourne

The Ping Pong Arena

Sep 14 2018

This year, we're creating…wait for it…The Ping Pong Arena! Think tiered seating, trusses, lighting and all the bells & whistles.

Anyone who's attended Beer InCider before knows Ping Pong is ingrained in our festival's history. From quaint origins as a beery social club with a friendly round of ping pong, we've taken this humble game to a whole new level. It's multiple tables, it's multiple players, it's multiple paddles and plenty of stadium seating for your squad to cheer you on.

What’s the inspiration for this monstrosity? Founder Marty Keetels gave us insight to the hours of planning that takes place at BIC HQ: "Yeah we’re upping the ante. Mainly just so I can beat my brother John and friend Matthew who are both inferior to me at all sport.”

Thanks. That’s just great Marty.

Get familiar with the rules, practice your backhand and we'll see you at the table.