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Top 14 1/2 things to do at Beer InCider Brisbane

Feb 17 2019

It’s our favourite 'To Do' list of the year! Grab a pen and get set to plan your festival day. Here are the Top 14 (and a half) Things To Do at Beer InCider Brisbane:

14) Stretchy pants at the ready, our foodie line up is absolutely killer - check it out here, and be sure to save room for feasts from Hellmouth Diner, Tippler's Tap, Gnocchi Gnocchi and more!

13) Take a momento to grab a memento - visit the Thirsty Merchants merch tent for all your fave brewery, festival and band gear.

12) So fresh, so clean... get festival ready at the festival! Modus Operandi Brewing and locals The Barber Blueprint are teaming up to provide in-festival gent's cuts. Swing by their stall for a fresh-as Sonic Prayer IPA and a fresh-as do.

11) Experience the festival in true luxe style with a Young Henrys VIP ticket. Imagine singing along to DMA'S and WAAX from side of stage with a YH tinnie in hand! Plus private bar, private loos and stacks more - sign us up!

10) You can't miss the 'Boss' - Felons Brewing Co are bringing their Beer Truck to Beer InCider so be sure to grab a Sonny Cider Spritz or Felons Crisp Lager from the big red fire truck!

9) Aside from the 250+ different indie beers and ciders at the festival, you can also enjoy cocktails from Diablo Ginger Beer & Matso's Broomer Brewery, an espresso martini or Aperol Spritz from the cocktail bar, and even cider slushies from KAIJU! Beer and Golden Axe Cider. Hello summer!

8) Feeling parched? Ice cold tins await you at the Green Beacon Brewing bar. Dive your hand into the tinny full of tinnies! Then try your hand at throwing another shrimp steak on the barbie at Gage Roads Brewing, located in The Mash Tun.

7) Grab some buttermilk fried chicken with aioli from Stokebar Q, one of Queensland’s most famous bars, or some steamed duck buns from Chu The Phat, one of Brissy’s most popular restaurants. Get all fancy and stuff - wash it down with a glass of bubbles from our Prosecco Bar. Did you know that Prosecco comes from a region about 50 clicks north west of Venice? Me neither. Look at us - how very un-beer festival.

6) You will have tried 'Poolside IPA' - a collaboration between Fixation Brewing Co, The Smith Street Band and us last September. You’ve probably also tried 'Sad Rude Future Brew' from Green Beacon, Ball Park Music and us. It’s now time to try Miracle Cure - a collab between Mornington Peninsula Brewery, rock n roll royalty Something For Kate and Beer InCider. This ale is exclusively available at Beer InCider so be sure to grab a limited edition tin. Check out the amazing can artwork by Jake Minton - famous for other MPB designs such as Squid Supremacy!

5) Balter has made waves recently releasing HAZY and notching up another number one in the Hottest 100 by our mates at GABS. We’re so excited Balter is now bringing Tins Of Glory to Beer InCider. Never played before? Your team will get 20 seconds to slide multiple Balter tins down a polished table, aiming to get the tin to stop on a high score zone (aka the 'pleasure zone')! Highest score progresses to the next round. Gain max bragging rights by becoming the Beer InCider Champ of Tins of Glory!

4) Fresh from polling 3 songs in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2018, we’re honoured DMA’S is our musical headliner! You know you’re a serious indie rock band when Noel Gallagher of Oasis fame stops you in a bar and sings a few of his favourite DMA’S tracks back to you. Do you Believe in DMA’S? After a 75 minute concert set at Beer InCider you will.

3) We promised fun and we’re keen to deliver in spades! Take yourself back to the school yard with a game of handball, practice your mini golf at one of our classic holes or challenge your best mate or a new friend to a game of ping pong, at the PING PONG ARENA powered by Felons Brewing.

2) Want to know what it means to be a village brewery in 2019? Ever wondered how Dave Padden created Akasha Brewing? The day after International Women’s Day, want to celebrate the role of women in beer and also delve into how it can become a more female friendly industry? Get along to our Brewers Stage presented by Brewski located in The Mash Tun as we tackle some of the biggest topics in beer.

1.5) We believe 'Not Worth Hiding' is one of the most important songs of the last decade and that Alex The Astronaut is an incredible musician. The AU Review recently crowned her "a truly special act". Fresh from dropping acclaimed anthems 'Happy Song' and 'Waste of Time', and before she jumps on the wave that is The Drop Festival, we're thrilled ATA is joining Beer InCider. Here's a tip - grab our Set Times and plan your journey so you don't miss this physics wizz turned iconic musician's set!

1) Grab one of Beer InCider’s famous paddles (shaped like a ping pong bat, yo!) and taste beers and ciders made exclusively for the festival including brews by Green Beacon Brewing, Aether Brewing, Lost Palms Brewing, Sea Legs Brewing Co, Slipstream Brewing, Burleigh Brewing Co, The Welder's Dog Brewery, Clare Valley Brewing Co and more. At some point in the afternoon, mosey over to the Ping Pong Arena powered by Felons Brewing and use that same paddle to play a game against your best mate.

Finally, you may not know but we’re proud to be a sustainable festival. We use re-usable cups, we don't use plastics in food service, we recycle all cans and bottles and we recycle organic compost and plastics used in the event. We’re doing our best to reduce our footprint so the next generation of beer and music lovers has an equally beautiful planet to inherit.

There's only one thing left to do (if you haven't already) - grab your tix now.